Let Blinds Galore Lower your Electric Bill with Custom Blinds!

Custom Blinds Save Money It’s no secret; the summer heat can get brutal here in West Tennessee. With the temperature and humidity only rising and thoughts of reducing you electric bill, now more than ever is the best time to add custom blinds to your home to. Not only adding relief to you and your families every life; having light blocking, custom made blinds made by the experts at Blind’s Galore can go as far as reducing your electric bill in half and pay for themselves! 

Custom blinds are as hot as the weather here in West Tennessee, and for good reason. The high temps can average 90 degrees in the summer months with the humidity being the highest of any other state, averaging 69.4%! It’s difficult for AC units to keep up with the demand for cooler air, as well as electric companies having difficulties or outages during these times. Having these custom tailored, expertly designed and installed blinds, shades, or shutters will protect your family from the heat, while also reducing your energy bill! Electric companies often base their pricing off of supply and demand, so during these high energy times it’s known to be much more costly to run the AC, but by having light blocking blinds, you can reduce the temperature inside of your home significantly making it much more comfortable for yourself and your wallet. They even offer a free home evaluation, in which experts from their team come to get precise measurements of your home, talk about what you’re looking for and what may work best for you home, while providing the utmost in terms of care and precision of their work.  

Often left shocked by the difference the blinds, shutters or shades add to their home in terms of aesthetics and coolness, people have often express their gratitude and amazement by the work done by the team at Blind’s Galore. It also feels great to support a local business! Blind’s Galore is a business of over 15 years, locally owned and operated, this team of professionals have been making custom blinds and shades here in West, TN for a long time leaving behind an impressive reputation amongst happy residents. 

Beautifully crafted and custom designed and tailored, Blind’s Galore has exactly what it is you’re looking for or what you didn’t know your home needed! If you’re in West TN and you’re looking for custom made blinds, shades, or shutters, look no more with Blind’s Galore!

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