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Roller Shades in West TN

Roller shades are a popular option for homeowners who are looking to replace old window treatments or put the finishing touches on their new homes. At Prestige Blinds, we offer a wide variety of custom shades, including vinyl shades, room darkening fabric shades, light filtering shades, and even blackout fabric shades.


Many homeowners prefer window coverings that are simple in design and appearance and that serve to complement a room’s décor instead of being a major focal point. Roller shades are ideal for meeting that need, as they’re highly effective at blocking out light in the case of blackout shades or allowing ample amounts of natural light in the case of light filtering shades while still protecting your family’s privacy. In addition, our single color shades provide a matte appearance to windows that makes them extremely versatile when it comes to matching your furniture and your home’s overall color schemes.

Roller shades roll up flawlessly at the highest point of your window when raised, and enliven your window with lovely texture when brought down. Roller conceals include the absolute most slick examples in an assortment of surfaces, for example, tweed and woven textures. Select from a wide scope of tones, from impartial tones to rich, premium tones. You can arrange a free consultation so we can help match your windows and dividers. You can likewise pick how much light your roller shades will let through your windows. Power outage shades can totally stop light at the window, making them ideal for rooms, nurseries, or theatre rooms. Your roller shades may likewise leave light holes between the shade and window outline, which will allow in some light in any event, when the shades are shut. Move up to light blockers which will give you complete darkness. Also, roller shades are probably the simplest window treatments to clean.


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