Try Custom Blinds from Blinds Galore to Limit Your Electric Bill

There are many reasons why you need to choose custom blinds from Blinds Galore over curtains when it comes to window coverings. Primarily, it is all about cost-efficiency because a perfect set of blinds can save you hundreds of dollars on your electricity bill all year round. Doing something as simple as installing custom blinds can dramatically reduce the amount of electricity you consume around your house daily.

Custom blinds are made using a wide array of materials, and every type has its benefits. The most popular window blinds in the market today include:

  • Wooden blinds
  • Bamboo blinds
  • Vertical blinds
  • Roller blinds
  • Roman blinds

One of their most remarkable benefits is it helps make your home more energy-efficient. Regardless of the type you choose, window blinds can lower both your cooling and heating expenses.

How Our Blinds Work

Blinds are a specific type of window coverings created with vertical or horizontal slats depending on the design. They are usually made using materials such as wood, bamboo, PVC, plastic, or polyester, and can be moved and adjusted without so much trouble. Apart from being decorative, window blinds are very functional when it comes to controlling temperature, light penetration, and ensuring privacy.

Most window blinds have a cord situated on either side that enables you to adjust the direction. Furthermore, a rod installed on the other side allows you to control the tilt of the slats and adjust how much light is you want to filter through.

During the summer, window blinds can help control the heat that is entering your home, so you can keep your interiors cooler and greatly reduce your air conditioning costs. During the winter season, window blinds can help reduce heat loss so you can limit the use of your heaters. The tight-fit design of your window blind can prevent cold air from entering while trapping the heat inside, making sure the temperature remains consistent throughout the day.

Custom Blinds near me

In West Tennessee, Blinds Galore offers a huge selection of blinds, shades, and plantation shutters with very competitive pricing. They have been manufacturing and distributing custom blinds in West TN with a commitment to quality and warranty service. With thirteen years of expertise in designing and manufacturing window coverings, they have a wide range of designs for your home or business.

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