Upgrade to Custom Blinds with Blinds Galore in West TN

Custom faux wood blinds provide a high-end design for your home without the high price associated with wooden blinds. Faux wood blinds can fit nearly any style of décor on any budget. You can even get a proper woodgrain look with sensible stains and wooden texture.

Since faux wood blinds are made of PVC material, they are some of the best window treatments for ease of care and long term durability — simply wipe down with cleaning soap and water. A range of slat sizes means you can fit your faux wood blinds to any size window. The slats on faux wood blinds can be tilted open or closed for light management and privacy. With slats open, you will have an extraordinary view out.

Update your home’s interior with customized wood or faux wood blinds. They are durable and classic, and adding them to your home can upscale its overall look without breaking the bank.  These custom blinds are custom made for each of your windows and can control lighting, add to the ambiance of the space, and add privacy when needed.

To know more about our products, visit https://blindswesttn.com/ or see our Contact page for a free in-home consultation. We provide the best personalized service and professional tips in maintaining your wood or faux wood blinds. Call Mark today at (731) 571-5179

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