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Custom Blinds in Lexington TN Area

If you are a home or business owner here in or near Lexington, TN and you’ve been looking for a place to help revitalize your home and utilize your windows- then Blinds Galore is here to help! No longer will you have to be burdened by treated and insulated windows. Getting custom-treated windows can completely change the way your window, blinds, or shades look and how well they protect and cool your home! All with a time, price, and result that will leave you talking about Blinds Galore long after they complete the job!

Windows play a big part in making your home feel like home. You want windows that represent you, that not only are going to be the best in terms of protection, insulation, and material quality but look amazing too! The experts at Blinds Galore have over 13 years of experience custom making window coverings for homes here in Lexington, TN, and over 50 other cities and towns in West Tennessee and are thoroughly invested in making your experience with them and your window treatments the absolute best they can be.  They will even come to your home for a FREE in-home consultation where you can view samples while the experts get measurements to ensure that your custom blind, shutter, shades, and more are doing what they should do which is protecting your home while looking great doing it. For window coverings and window treatments, there’s a local name here in Lexington and West TN for the best, and that’s Blind’s Galore! 

There are more benefits to treating your windows/installing window coverings than most would expect. If you have been experiencing usually high electric bills, cool drafts or heat flashes, or even finding bugs you should call Blind’s Galore for a free consultation. Blind’s Galore comes to you here in Lexington, TN to focus on what your home or office needs the most while getting you what you’ve been hoping for in terms of a style and ambiance for your custom-treated windows. 

The beautifully tailored blinds, shades, and shutters and more that the expert crafters at Blinds Galore provide and install can improve your homes style, your electricity bill, and life! Most don’t realize their need for better protection for their home until it’s too late and they’re already suffering from the results of poorly insulated and installed windows. Upgrade from those thin curtains and drafty windows by getting your own custom-made, light-blocking shades, blinds, or shutters installed by Blinds Galore. 

Being in Lexington, TN means you know one thing for sure. The temperatures and humidity tend to get high and stay high during the summer. Not only does the temperature and the humidity rise but so does the amount of insect populations. Not only can the hot air find its way into your home, canceling out your AC, raising your bills- if not properly insulated your untreated windows could be allowing the outside world into your home! You can find your electricity bill going down significantly by giving yourself the energy-efficient custom windows and blinds that you and your home deserve. Custom treat your windows so that they can block harsh sunlight up to 50% more while also ensuring that it is properly insulated so that all your cold air stays inside and all the hot air stays out. Without properly treated windows, you can have the best AC system there is and still not get to the cooler temperatures in your home. Stop being burdened by improperly sealed windows and let the experts of Blind’s Galore give you the best custom window treatment you can get here in TN!

There is a lot to choose from when it comes to getting your at-home windows custom treated and getting your very own, hand-tailored, and customized blinds, shutters, or shades. From the design, material, style, color, and more you have complete control over the outcome of your window coverings with Blind’s Galore. Each material has its own benefits and costs, every window treatment can be customized to your desired natural light tones and intensities- even the way you retract your blinds, shutters or shades can be customized! For a new homeowner it may seem overwhelming the number of options you have to choose from but the experts at Blind’s Galore have spent years cultivating the art of the perfect balance between great looking, great costs, and great protection. With the help of true professionals, the stresses that may also come from self-home renovating can be eliminated! 

There are a couple of important factors in place whenever choosing your future custom window treatments;

Window Covering Style: There are many options when it comes to the style that you want your window covering to be. There are the classics such as; Blinds or Shutters or you could go with a fabric window covering such as Drapes or Curtains. Each style has it’s own costs and benefits, as well as brings it’s own unique sense of style to your home. If you would like to explore your options, Blind’s Galore has samples that you can see to experience yourself the difference of style of window covering has. 

Window Covering Material: Each material that you choose for either your frame or your window covering is going to have its own pros, cons, costs, and upkeep. Things such as wood will be slightly more expensive yet last longer and have a classic look. Fabrics are the most cost-effective form of window covering, with easy upkeep such as simply cleaning the fabric once needed. It’s all about what works best for you and your home! 

Color or Wood Stain: Which changes with each brand and style you choose. The more options the better! 

Frame Shape and Material: There are a lot of different choices when it comes to the shape of your window frame! Blind’s Galore can get you the custom window treatment for the shape that you’re looking for whether it’s the L shape, Z shape, Hang Strips, Speciality Tilt Frames, or Decorative- it can be done!

Tilt: Which refers to the method in which you wish to control your light and view with the window covering. The most classic design is the cord, there’s been a lot of innovations as well such as the rod and even invisible levers to retract, lift, or lower! There are even remote options!

Pane: Windows panes are added layers of protection to your homes windows; they reduce harmful UV rays, block harsh winds or hot air, and further seal your home from the outdoors. You can have up to three panes in your windows, each giving further added protection.

As well as a few other cosmetic questions, the experts of Blind’s Galore will be sure to guide you through every step of the process in case you need guidance or have questions. Now you may be wondering; what kinds of materials are available to me? With Blinds Galore, who carries materials from trusted, highly rated brands such as Norman Blinds, Timber Blind Metro Shade, Alta Window Fashion, and Vista you get to have a lot of great options! From wooden plantations to fiberglass, even customizable shapes and colored window coverings and frames- you can be prepared for the heat here in Lexington, TN with the right materials in place. By setting up a FREE at-home consultation done with one of the experts at Blind’s Galore you can express what you want while Blind’s Galore is making sure you’re getting exactly what your home needs. You can even view samples of window designs and styles ahead of time to be sure you’re getting the exact look that you want! Whether you’re looking for extra protection, better insulation, fresher looks, or more dependable materials Blind’s Galore can help you achieve your dream custom window design with a finesse, time, and price that is hard to compete with!

Proudly featuring four distinguished window coverings companies to choose from; Norman Blinds, Timber Blind Metro Shade, Alta Window Fashion, and Vista, you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll love from Blind’s Galore, all from trusted and long-standing companies with quality, warrantied materials that are made to last. By getting the best of the best when it comes to window coverings installation from Blind’s Galore and quality materials from these custom blinds, shades, and shutters companies you’re set to making your home feel and look its best. 

  • Norman Blinds is the nation’s number one producer of custom-made window shutters, shades, and blinds. With over 40 years of experience handcrafting shutters, shades, panes, and more for your at-home windows, they even create and source their own materials! You’re guaranteed to get the style and quality that you are looking for with Norman with over 21 color options and 33 elegant wood stains, even offering custom coloring if you aren’t able to find what you are looking for. There also is a beautiful array of window covering styles for you to choose from; their most popular style would be the Norman Plantation Shutters. Gain more privacy, sun protection, fuller views, and control of lighting with the Plantation Shutters. One example of the amazing innovation at Norman Binds would be the Invisible Tilt Technology that you can include with your shutters that completely control the tilt of your shutters without the use of a rod, offering a safer alternative to cords.

  • Timber Blind Metro Shade has over 20 years’ worth of experience handcrafting every single custom-made window coverings they sell- with a quality of service, product, and price that are as exceptional as the look itself. With four highlighted products; Horizontal Blinds, Roller Shades, Shutters, and the Honeycomb Shades that you are guaranteed to love, they even have different style options for each such as the; Eclipse and Solstice Shutters for a more classic design, the Veneto Natural and Timer Vue Wood Blinds for a natural look, and even have faux wood options available such as the UltraVue Wood Alternative and the Premium Faux Wood Alternative! See the difference that quality of service can make and experience your home in a new light with the Timber Blind Metro Shade company! 

  • Alta Window Fashion has a stunning selection of custom-styled window frames, shades, blinds, and shutters with materials that are as unique as the home they’re going to! The Alta Window Fashion difference is the attention to detail and style that goes into every custom, hand-tailored window covering that they make. Made to last a lifetime, with materials and quality that you can rely on. They work closely with clients, YOU, to make every single piece more authentic to the buyer and always are listening and looking for the newest in terms of technology and style. You can tell whenever a window is styled by Alta! With over 4 decades of perfecting the art of window styling, Alta Window Fashions is a name you can trust. They have over 10 stunning window covering options; from their Honeycomb Shades, Window Shadings, Natural Wovens, Roller Shades, Dual Shades, Wood Blinds, Faux Wood Blinds, Aluminum Blinds, Vertical Blinds, and even Custom Shutters! Each has its own array of beautiful coloring and staining options, that also has the ability to be customized if so desired. Create your own space with Alta Window Fashions. 

  • Vista is known for their window treatments and at-home custom window coverings, having been creating stunning designs since 1980 they have many years of experience to guarantee a great finish to every piece. With an impressive array of designs and styles to choose from, with prices that are affordable and a promise in safety and quality with each window, Vista is a staple when it comes to window blinds, shades, and shutters. Some examples of the designs and styles that you can choose from at Vista window coverings; Roller Shades, Vertical Blinds, Aluminum Blinds, Cellular Shades, Faux Wood Blinds, Eclipse Shutters, and many more! 

A part of the home that many ignore or neglect, never realizing the potential for designs, protection, and energy efficiency; having an at-home custom window treatment is something most don’t realize that they need, but once they experience and see the difference it makes they can’t stop talking about it! That’s something Blind’s Galore strives for; making you feel more at home with a custom window covering that really represents you! There’s so much you can do with your own custom window coverings, the trends and styles change yet the looks that are created are timeless. It seems that the more simple, elegant designs are in fashion right now such as roman shades or drapes. You can truly make a simple room pop with bright shades or designed woodwork. One great thing about window treatments? They end up paying for themselves in the long run. With the proper window coverings at play, aptly blocking harsh sun rays from entering your home and insulation to keep the cold air in and hot air out; you reduce your electricity bills significantly, to the point in which your updated shades insulation ends up paying for itself! As well as the added benefit of increased privacy, open the shades, let the light in and live your life to the fullest without the fear that someone can see inside!

Getting your own custom-made blinds, shades or shutters has never been easier with a free at-home consultation and guaranteed quality installation! Beat the heat, lower your electricity bill, and experience a brand new home here in Lexington, TN when you get your own custom window treatment taken care of by Blind’s Galore! 

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