How Plantation Shutters Can Lower Your Energy Bills

Quality plantation shutters effectively block and absorb solar heat during hot weather leading to lower air conditioning bills for the home. When instaled along the window trim, interior plantation shutters also reduce heat loss during cold winters. If your plans involve making your home more energy efficient, installing plantations shutters on all of your windows will help you save money on your heating and cooling bills. Having plantation shutters installed will allow you to keep the harsh sunlight and heat out of the house during the summer, as well as keep you and your family warm and cozy all winter long. During more temperate seasons, like Spring and Fall, you can control airflow, which helps to regulate the home’s temperature. Simply by adjusting the louvers, you might be able to put off turning on the AC or heat a few weeks longer than you expected! Read more to see how interior shutters can lower your
energy bill.

The Blind Boundary

Interior shutters installed on windows leave some space between the shutter and the window, which creates a barrier. The shutter is structured in such a way that it hinders hot air from escaping out, and cold air from getting in during the long winter months. The longer the heat is retained inside the home, the less heat will be required to keep the home at the required temperature. This reduces the need to turn up your heater, and reduces energy costs during colder winter months. In the summer months, plantation shutters can help keep your home nice and cool as a barrier to the sun’s rays and help add to the energy efficiency of air conditioners.

Light Control

Interior shutters are best known for their larger light regulating louvers. The louvers allow for better heat and light control. Louvers come in a variety of sizes from 2 inches to 4 inches allowing more light to come in and a larger viewing area based on the size of the louvers. In the same way carshades work, plantation shutters block sunlight when the louvers are closed. They can totally block out exterior light sources and sunlight. They block the heat from the sun instead of absorbing it into the home. This reduces the amount of heat consumed by the home during the summer months.

Provides Insulation

Interior shutters work to insulate a home by preventing interior heat from escaping through the windows, and interior shutters stop up to 50% of radiant heat transfer. Shutters are a thicker material than blinds, and this helps make them more energy efficient. They tend to retain your home’s temperature that is otherwise affected by poorly insulated windows and provide better insulation during both cold and hot seasons. Plantation shutters are energy-efficient: The Smart Energy Alliance reports wood shutters offer R-values between 2.77 and 3.17. Interior shutters from Blinds Galore blinds are custom-made and sized to be excellent insulators, barriers, and light regulators. 

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